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Calm a nervous system with magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most important and prevalent minerals in our bodies – it is involved in virtually every biological process that takes place!

Unfortunately, deficiencies are prevalent as the intake of magnesium rich foods such as whole-grains, nuts and seeds are declining whilst factors which deplete magnesium – coffee, alcohol, stress, refined foods, absorption problems and use of certain medications are all too common.

The most common signs of deficiency include being tired all the time, difficulty getting to or staying sleep, feeling blue and being short-tempered. As magnesium is involved in muscle activity, low levels are also associated with muscle cramping, tension, twitching and weakness. As you can see, almost everyone would benefit from supplementation!

Radiance® Magnesium Complex Plus provides well absorbed magnesium amino acid chelate, for optimal absorption and bioavailability, alongside calcium, vitamin D and zinc. If tablets are not your thing, try Radiance® Magnesium Powder, this subtle lemoncello flavoured powder offers rapid delivery and absorption for fast replenishment of magnesium stores for all the family.

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