What We
Believe In.

At PharmaCare, we’re all about making people’s lives better. In fact, we want New Zealanders to live the best, healthiest and happiest life they can whether that’s through one of our vitamins, superfood formulas, deodorants or skincare products. That’s why we’re always striving to be different, innovative, and surprising. We figure that’s the best way to make a positive difference to people’s lives every day.

If you’re wondering if we really do know our stuff when it comes to health and wellness, we first opened our doors back in 1985 under the leadership of Sydney-based founder and CEO Toby Browne. Toby felt there was a need for a more local offering and over the next 35 years he and his team built PharmaCare into one of the most influential, innovative health and wellness companies in the world.

Our Products.

PharmaCare offers a wide range of high quality, innovative dietary supplements and personal care products from truly iconic brands such as Nature’s Way, Brut, Radiance and Sambucol. You’ll find them at all leading health stores, pharmacies and supermarkets throughout New Zealand.