PharmaCare (New Zealand) Ltd was proudly established in 2014, following the acquisition of Health and Herbs International by PharmaCare Laboratories PTY Ltd. PharmaCare Laboratories was founded over 25 years ago in Sydney’s Northern beaches, with the core mission of improving lives.


PharmaCare now delivers that promise with our extensive range of quality products to customers in over 40 countries. PharmaCare is the largest privately owned consumer health, fitness and consumer goods Company in Australia.


Over the past 6 years, PharmaCare have expanded rapidly into a large number of European, North American and Asian markets, and now into New Zealand. Many of the team have been with PharmaCare since its inception, and are still just as fiercely proud of the business they have helped build. 


PharmaCare New Zealand prides itself on providing high quality, innovative dietary supplements and personal care products within its extensive portfolio. Many of its products have been developed specifically with the New Zealand consumer in mind, at whatever life stage they are at. Pharmacare New Zealand sells and markets the brands Radiance, Bioglan, Brut, Roskin, Redwin, Jbronze, Skin Doctors, Sambucol, Promensil, Nature’s Way and Efamol.


Radiance is considered one of Pharmacare’s heritage dietary supplement brands. It is a New Zealand developed brand and success story, which has always been synonymous with quality, innovation and efficacy. It has a comprehensive range of quality innovative products in many categories from Children’s Health, Digestion and Probiotics, to Joints, Superfoods, Immunity and anti-oxidants, to name but a few.

The Radiance brand is known for innovation and as such we regularly release new products, which aim to provide the consumer with the latest ingredients and delivery methods, to assist them to manage their health and wellness. Many of our products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand at PharmaCare’s Auckland facility.


Bioglan also has just as strong a commitment to quality and innovation, and the sub-brand Bioglan Kids Smart is one of the strongest performing children’s ranges in the category. Between Bioglan Kids Smart, and Radiance Kids, Pharmacare New Zealand offer a solution for parents for most of their children’s supplement requirements.


Another of the success stories within the portfolio is Sambucol, a natural health product to support winter ills and chills, with a range for adults and children. There is a growing trend for parents to look for natural health care solutions, for themselves and for their children. Promensil is another of PharmaCare’s brands backed by a range of clinical research - to help women support their quality of life during and after menopause.


Finally of our major brands, Brut is an extensive range of deodorants and men’s grooming products which has a very established and loyal and growing base of users.  


Please feel free to contact our friendly customer services team for any further information and for sales enquiries.